OSC Communication


I’ve been looking into OSC communication between an iPhone and a mac. I’ve got the sender/receiver examples working across different macs, and also found it easy enough to get a mac working as the sender and an iPhone as the receiver. However I’m having difficulty with reversing that, i.e. having the iPhone as the sender and the mac as the receiver.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of in order to get that working?

Currently I’m just working with the example files.


I noticed the two devices are on different subnets, would they need to be the same?

I was taking the IP from the ethernet connection. It works with the WiFi connection, although it doesn’t seem to be perfect. It occasionally doesn’t register. Strange :confused:

That is most likely related to Wifi connectivity issues. I use enterprise grade AP’s and have excellent results without any dropped packets.



Sending/receiving from either device should work pretty much the same.

You can try creating an adhoc wifi connection between the iPhone and the Mac instead of via a router to improve the connection quality.

Also be aware of any other traffic on your wifi network, e.g. if the iPhone is updating something over the network in the background.