options for textinput / manipulation

hi guys,

I am currently looking for a way to let the user of my program enter text into the program which I then will save in a SQlite DB. I am looking for a way of integrating copy&paste and highlighting of text for easy editing. maybe something like the dialogbox in the project generator (oF0072) for entering the project name.

I have already looked at a couple of GUI addons, e.g.

  • ofxTextInputFile (no C&P, no highlighting)

  • ofxTextSuite (can´t get it to work O.o )

  • ofxTextBox (no C&P, no highlighting)

  • ofxUI (has no textinputfile option?)

and a bunch of others which I couldn´t get to work somehw like ofxhGUI (gives a compile error in codeBlocks and win7 64bit:

ofAddListener(ofEvents.draw, this, &hGui::draw);  
request for member ‘mouseMoved’ in ‘ofEvents’, which is of non-class type ‘ofCoreEvents&()’  

maybe somebody knwos how to do this?

the dialog prompt in 0072 is done via this call, which gets you a dialog prompt you can enter text in:

string ofSystemTextBoxDialog(string question, string text="");

maybe it’s enough for you, or do you need a more features?

yes, that is already very useful. I am just wonderinf if there is a possibility to changfe the properties of the text box, like width, height, x and y position. I just need a box that is a little bigger, apart from that, this would be perfect.

the errors in ofxhGui are probably because it hasn’t been updated to the new event format in OF0071 - ofEvents.draw should be ofEvents().draw, iirc.

yes, thanks for that. ofEvents**()** works.

please report a bug against ofxhgui so that the maintainer can correct it, if you can.