Optimisation in dual screen app

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for tips for improving performance of dual screen apps on OSX. Or maybe there’s another way of doing what I need?

I have a full screen app that spans two screens, the main desktop screen is full of ofxSimpleGUIToo components (thanks Todd and Memo), and the second screen is the main output to the projector. My framerate halves as soon as I span over two screens!

Is this the best way to do what I want? Are there any settings I should check for? Would using Fenster to create multiple windows improve things?

Any advice would be appreciated :smiley:


PS it’s my first post so I have to say - I’m loving oF - kudos to the team.

Digging around the forum I’ve found Memo’s ofxCocoa, like some others I can’t get it to compile (Xcode noob) - has anyone found significant performance improvements using it?




What type of machine are you running on? May be the graphics card just can’t handle it. My laptop chugs even with watching movies if I have an extended desktop because it has a crappy intel integrated gfx card.

Also, If the internal monitor and external display are both the same resolution it might help some, this keeps the video card from having to make a larger virtual screen than it needs to.

Thanks for the reply, Tim, I solved it in the end by turning off v-blank sync in the glut preferences. I didn’t even realise I’d switched it on!

FYI, I’m using a MacBook Pro 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.