Openpose to detect users without kinect

I’ve found this project:
It does “real-time multi-person keypoint detection and multi-threading”. I would like to use it to track people without using Kinect and then maybe connect the pose to a 3D puppet or some box2d character.
How hard is to create an addon for this?
Have someone done real time skeleton tracking with some HD webcam or another device or approach like photogrammetry?


Update: I compiled the project on a friend’s machine, he has Ubuntu, an Nvidia 1080 GPU, 32Gb of RAM, the system works but not so smooth.
I think it’s possible to send the data to openFrameworks, however after installing the whole system I don’t think that a simple addon could be done. openPose uses CUDA, cuDNN as well as Caffe, so there’s a lot of low level machinery involved to wrap it in a simple addon.

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Did you end up implementing openpose with openframeworks?
I think they’ve added to it since your last post in Nov. We’re going to give it a try soon