OpenNI + Kinect + Getting Started


First off, this is my first time really getting down and dirty with c++ code. Adding external depencies, we’ve got additional hardware and drivers, and a whole host of applicaitons outside of basic OOP and functional programming.

I am using the following:
OpenNI 1.3.2
PrimeSense NITE 1.4.1
MS Visual Studio 2010
Windows 7

I am trying to execute, compile and run some basic functionality with the Kinect and my PC. I’ve got the OpenNI users manual pdf open and following along. In the first example is explains the additional external dependencies.

This first problem I run into is this error:

#include <XnCppWrapper.h>  
XnStatus nRetVal = XN_STATUS_OK;  
xn::Context context;  
xn::DepthGenerator depth;  
nRetVal = depth.Create(context);  
//Init context object  
XnStatus nRetVal = context.Init();  

Compiler Error:

missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int  

IntelliSense Error: (mouseOver)

This declaration has no storage type or class identfier  

This is in reference to anytime nRetVal is assigned a new value. I somewhat understand the meaning of the error, but the object nRetVal is of type XnStatus. This is an object internally in the API… and my code directly matches the examples in the User Manual. Is it possible I do not have the dependencies totally correct? I’m not convinced of that since VS recognizes all of the correct header files. Any other workarounds or ideas to further investigate?

One last thing, here is the defenition of XnStatus

typedef XnUInt32 XnStatus;