OPENNI is good, is thoere something better?

greetings all,

just as the title suggests, is there anything better than the kinectOpenNI?
im using it right now, and have gotten it to work in mountain lion, though i still run into some odd errors. ones which are macx_foreground.o or macx_foreground.m. and i dont know what these are. plus did do an update to the graphics as i found a post regarding this problem before.
but after install, this problem still goes on.

so is there anything that can supersede kinercctOpenNI?
or steps to make OPENNI faster?

im looking for skeleton tracking using the kinect, one that does spit out OSC, or one that i can add too it. the main things i need are just skeleton and osc, thats it. but also to add character to the tracking, a bit like animata, but an all in one system so i dont have to send data back and forth, just keep it all in-house. but OPENNI just seems a bit sluggish to me.
i have taken things out, but this error happen, but not always, which is annoying.

if anyone can help, id love that.
also if i dont reply, its because im at a net cafe for a few hours and dont have the internet at home yet. so please excuse me not replying straight away


I have no experience with the kinect but I here is a link

I did not know openni was even mac supported. It might be worth installing windows and using the official sdk.
Especially if you dont want to deal with weird errors.

If you need a really fast skeleton / user tracker you can try switching middlewares to something like the SoftKinetic iisu ( PC + linux only though I’m afraid ) . It has a server mode that just streams in serialized data and is really really fast. I helped to write an addon to wrap it into OF but it’s still not 100% complete

I’ve also just had good luck using two apps

  1. for skeleton data and sending over any non-image data. This also has any UI or paramaters you’d want to change.
  2. for visualizing the data with no need to talk back to app #1

What’s also nice about this approach is that if you use lingon or restart on crash your entire installation won’t crash just the part that streams kinect data. For long deployments it can be a lifesaver in front of clients.

You could try NI Mate. It converts skeleton data to OSC & MIDI for you and spits it out on UDP 7100 although you can configure that differently. There’s a free trial available too