OpenMP under OSX


I have a project which uses ofxBox2D that can be laggy sometimes an that i would like to optimize.

I am trying to use OpenMP to see if this improves things a bit.
I am using XCode 7 under El Capitan and as i understand, apple doesn’t really provide omp easily.
I have read that OpenMP is now being directly supported by upstream LLVM. Regarding Xcode integration now, though, I’m not sure…

  1. what is the easiest way to use omp under OSX ?

  2. i can’t find out wether LLVM omp is available under xCode7 or not


I recently got omp working on clang with this guide:

I think the only issue I had was step 8, where I wound up duplicating the dylib and keeping it local with the project. If you run into issues, I can probably throw together a small example app

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Yes this is the best answer i came up with.
Unless i am wrong, clang-omp has been removed from homebrew as it is now integrated into LLVM

As such, it should (or will) work natively (if Apple implements it into their LLVM fork). I was wondering if this is actually the case.

PS : a piece of example code would be great though

thanks a lot