Opening a UDP Multicast video in vidPlayer?

Hey, all, our building has several channels of DirectTV available on our LAN and they are multicast using UDP. VLC opens them perfectly. I know the vidPlayer will open a movie from a URL over HTTP, but I was wondering if it could do UDP or if I’ll have to add it to the vidPlayer.


Pinging this old thread. I too would like to load a UDP video stream in this fashion directly with ofVideoPlayer.

ofVideoPlayer player;

[ error ] ofQTKitPlayer: loadMovie(): couldn't load "udp://"

I’ve started my stream via ffmpeg like so:

ffmpeg -re -i <input> -c:v libx264 -f mpegts udp://

And can confirm that the stream plays in VLC correctly using udp://@:5000. (Why the “@” syntax works, I do not know).

Is this functionality simply not built into the current ofVideoPlayer? If not would it be worth adding?

Have you tried ofxGstreamer? I have not tried a UDP video stream but everything else has worked so far. You can use the ofGstVideoPlayer class.

I was looking into setting up Gstreamer on OSX. Maybe this is my excuse. Thanks for the reply, I will report back my results here.