OpenGL issues in Win8?

I just installed in Windows 8 on a retina Macbook using Parallels desktop 9. Looking through some of the examples (OF v0.8.0, VS2012) it appears there are issues on the graphics side. The following examples don’t display the 3D content (apart from lines):


The following examples display the 3D content:


Apparently Parallels 9 doesn’t support any higher than OpenGL 2.1. Could this be the problem? Do these examples make use of a higher version? If not, can anyone confirm they are seeing the same issue on Windows 8?

I don’t know any of the specifics for the GL support in Parallels, but you could try using an application like GLview to see what exactly is supported. It might not be that the samples you mention are using features only present in GL 2.1 and later, but that some extension isn’t supported? If you post a screenshot of one of the errant examples, others might have an off-the-cuff thought?

Thanks for the advice. I tried the software but it crashes so that’s a no go. On the same machine I have Windows 7 running on VMWare and I haven’t had any problems with any of the OF examples so far. I’ll try to install Windows 8 on VMWare on the same machine. I’ll report back my findings.

Strange though, I thought Parallels was supposed to have superior GL support than VMWare, either way I’m glad you found an interim solution. You might want to make sure you have your OS fully up to date, is configured with the expected graphics settings in both Parallels and on the destination OS side and what ever support drivers / packages need to be installed on the OS are there as well.

Apparently they’re both limited to OpenGL 2.1.

I’ve got Win8 running alongside VMWare and it’s working perfectly so far. OpenGL extensions viewer is working too. That’s Win 7 and 8 running OF on the same VMWare license which is excellent.