OpenGL ES 2.0 on Windows (or other arbitrary platforms)

I am writing a series of apps for capturing and replaying 3D data. Since I am writing shaders for Android (in OpenGL ES 2.0), I would like to be able to use OpenGL ES 2.0 for the desktop shaders as well. Is it possible to do so? I tried adding the TARGET_OPENGLES define in ofConstants for my dev platform, but many other errors pop up (can’t find dlfcn.h, GL_POINT_SPRITE_OES and other _OES constants, and a couple of others).

From what I understand, OpenGL ES also has broader graphics card support than OpenGL 3, which my dev platform defaults to. So I thought it would also help the portability of my application if it used OpenGL ES rather than OpenGL 3.

So in the end there are two motivating factors for this:

  1. Shared shader code between apps.
  2. Broader platform support.

Does anyone know a simple way of enabling OpenGL ES in oF for Windows/OSX?

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Did you ever find a solution for this?