OpenGL broken ofFBO with libmpv

i am using OF with libmpv and his opengl drawing abilities.

On linux desktop it works properly,
i call mpv_draw with a ofFBO id, then i draw this framebuffer and it works.

On RPi (with gles2),
mpv_opengl initiate correctly:

  • it finds the gles context, recognise that we are using gles2 (since arturo pointed me how to specify this)

BUT i only get a grey frame (the default window color)…
the video is decoded properly:

  • i can hear the sound
  • the “a new frame is available” callback is triggered by libmpv
    - when i exit my app i can see 1 frame of my video !
    i guess the mpv_draw method fails to draw in the ofFBO
    but i can’t figure why it works on desktop and not on Rpi.

Another clue:
i tried to

  • ofClear the FBO
  • passing it to mpv_draw
  • ofDrawRectangle in the FBO

The rectangle doesn’t appears.
It does if i comment th mpv_draw part, so it seems that it not only fails to draw the video in the FBO,
but it also breaks it…

Libmpv works properly on RPi with GLES2: this simple example works:

Thus i am trying to do it on OF so i can use the embedded FBO abilities and other nice stuff
but strangely it works only on desktop…

any idea to help debug this ?

Thanks !
Best regards,