Openframworks in Rpi 3 Arm 8


I understand that the rpi 3 is a v8 ARM device. All the install documentation is
about rpi1 and rpi2 but nothing about a Rpi3 Arm8.

What is the best method to install openframeworks on the rpi3 with Jessie Pixel?

Openframeworks looks really impressive and I will need to do a LOT of reading.

the same guide will work fine for the rpi3 using raspbian or the armv7 with archlinux

The raspberry pi 3 has the hardware to support the x64 architecture but as today there is no distribution that support that feature, everything for the rpi is 32 bit and is compatible between rpi2 and 3. So if you have a rpi 3 with raspbian pixel (under the hood it is Debian jessie)
follow this guide

If you want some good reading,

A well documented book to start by Denis Perevalov and Igor (Sodazot) Tatarnikov with a chapter dedicated to the raspberry pi.

Also there is the ofBook which is really well sourced and super interesting.

Happy learning!