Openframeworsk and Juce

Good afternoon,

I am in my fourth year at UNI.
Last year I used Juce to make a simple DJ mixing station. To do this I had 1 class called player that i called twice.

This year I am making a sound immersive program using the XBox kinect.
Is there a way of Juce and Openframeworks working together? I ideally want to use openframeworks for functionallity with the kinect but Juce for the Gui and class instances.

If you get what I’m on about please please please comment :slight_smile:

you could make a substitute for ofAppGlutWindow with Juce and then pass it in the main function so OF uses Juce instead of GLUT. Then with ofGetWindowPtr() you can access the window object and in it have methods to access Juce to create guis…

i haven’t really used juce so can’t tell you in more detail how to do it but take a look at ofAppGlutWindow to see how it works, mainly you need to init the window and create callbacks for update, draw, key events and mouse events and then on those callbacks call the ofNotify* functions so OF gets the events

Awesome thank you :slight_smile:
That has saved me so much code foraging :slight_smile:

i’m also really interested in seeing Juce and OF work together nicely. i started writing a VST with Juce but got slowed down because i was missing all the familiar OF functions… :frowning: if you could post your progress, i’d love to see!

Hey, hey,
same for me… i had to make my juce vst with non OF functions… :frowning: