openframeworkslibdebug.lib unsupported binary format


I’m keep on getting this error message when running a compiled ofxKinect and ofxOpenCv project. I moved to Code Blocks and the error’s gone. I wonder what went wrong with my VS2010. Any ideas?

I’ve moved from 007 to 0071 and the problem’s still there.

What error message exactly are you receiving?

(openframeworks dir)/openframeworkslibdebug.lib unsupported binary format

that’s the error message that I got. any idea why?

en,sorry no idea,the openframeworkslibdebug.lib as named only creates a library not an executable,should be complied without any trouble. are you using vs2010sp1?

I’ve just had the same problem. Not sure what caused it, but creating a new project & copying the source across seemed to fix it.

Hope that helps someone.

OK, I found the solution too: