openFrameworksLib_debug.lib error

Openframeworks using with Visual Studio 2012.

I got the file openFrameworksLib_debug.lib from google and put in the folder it asks for, the results turn out to be the same.

Also I am surprised that I could not find the Linker Option found under Debug > Properties in VS 2012. I have used the template created by projectGenerator.

Please help me out.

Why did you get openFrameworksLib_debug.lib from google? What folder did you put it into? What were the results that didn’t go as planned? What version of openframeworks are you using? Did you try opening the example projects in VS2012?

Please provide more information – perhaps error messages – screenshots, etc. It’s not very clear what your actual technical problem is.


The openFrameworksLib_debug.lib file that is got is for VS2010. Never mind, now I tried the examples and this is the error I get when running geometryShaderExample

I tried adding a dropbox link it wouldn’t let me do.

Error 5 error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘O:\Rich Applications\Packages\of_v0.8.1_vs_release\of_v0.8.1_vs_release\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\lib\vs\openframeworksLib_debug.lib’ O:\Rich Applications\Packages\of_v0.8.1_vs_release\of_v0.8.1_vs_release\examples\gl\geometryShaderExample\LINK geometryShaderExample

What does this mean?

Also, you are using an out of date openFrameworks distribution. Please use 0.8.4. Additionally, try removing the spaces from your path name (Rich Applications). Visual Studio and other programs often fail with spaces in path names.

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