hello, ive just tried OF and i have a suggestion. not sure if it was already posted but it would be nice to easy the work on projection creation.

why not compile OF in a static lib or a DLL that ppl can use, that way it makes the new project process alot faster and easier

hi thanks!

it’s something we’ve been thinking about, especially as the project grows. for now, it’s been remarkably helpful to have people looking at the source code for OF, changing it and posting fixes, bugs, patches, etc - and that’s a bit harder when you are compiling against a lib or dll to look at the original code.

the downside of this, of course, is the compile times – esp for heavy users. we may post tutorials for advanced users about how to do this, and encourage different types of usage for the library - one more casual (as it is now) and one more professional (compiled lib or dll).

thanks for the request – it’s something on our mind and as always very good to hear back from people about how they’d like to use OF.

take care,