OpenFrameworks workshop @ SETUP Utrecht [NL]

Toko 21 – OpenFrameworks workshop

This Sunday, May 23rd there will be an OpenFrameworks beginners workshop at SETUP in Utrecht (the new media lab at Neude). The workshop is a collaboration between OpenToko, OF Freakdays and Setup Utrecht.

The day starts at 10.00h with a ‘Introduction to OpenFrameworks’ lecture by Rick Companje followed by a talk by Diederick Huijbers showing the work he created at the OFLab in Breda at the Graphic Design Museum. The afternoon will be “hands-on” where everyone (beginners and experienced users, in groups or alone) can work on their own OpenFrameworks projects. Several experienced OpenFrameworks users will be there to help out.

Topics being adressed during the talks:

  • What is OpenFrameworks and how to use it?
  • Understanding the code examples and how to modify them for your own needs.
  • How to use OpenFrameworks for text, audio, vector graphics, 3D graphics, vector math, images, movies, live video, xml files, hardware (ie. Arduino), network (ie. Open Sound Control), hi-res PDF or Illustrator output etc.
  • We will teach you how to build a simple Particle System and also how to create some nice graphic design effects for creating printable posters.

Please bring a laptop with Mac OSX, Windows or Linux and download XCode (mac) or CodeBlocks (windows, linux) and download the OpenFrameworks version 0.061.

There will be coffee, tea and cookies and we will arrange a basic lunch. There is no fixed entrance fee but instead we ask you for a donation for what the knowlegde you gained is worth to you helping us to cover our expenses.

There is a maximum of 25 participants so please register now if you want to join:

Location: SETUP Utrecht, the old ABN-AMRO building at Neude 4, Utrecht
Date/time: May 23rd 2010 – 10.00h – 17.00h


the event sounds very interesting to me but I got a quick question:
Will be workshop be mainly held in english or dutch?

I am from Germany and my dutch is very poor but I think about taking the 2 hours ride to Utrecht for the event.


Just to share the results:

There are links to some of the results. I even modified my example from yesterday and it looks like this :

Thanks again to everyone for the awesome workshop, it was a blast and absolutely worth the 2 hours drive!