OpenFrameworks without render output


I was just searching for a system to track some points and openFrameworks seems like the perfect match.

The point is though: I don’t need an render output. Actually in the end i want to create a library out of it and use it to control various devices. Is this simply possible or do i have to start hacking weird stuff in the openframeworks library for that?

On a side note: I actually did not find the license under which OpenFrameworks is released? Where do i find that?


take a look at this post:

it’s a class that allows you to create an OF app with output to console instead of an opengl window.

also OF is licensed as MIT:

but it’s based on different libraries each of them with their own libraries. most of them are mit, bsd or lgpl, except for fmod that is a commercial library free for non commercial projects. if you don’t need to play sound files, you can get rid of it so your application can be used with commercial purposes without problem.