openFrameworks Twitters?

Hey all,

Thought it’d be cool if we had a twitter list for OpenFrameworkers.

my twitter is:

Be cool for others to post here so we can all start following each other. There’s also the new Twitter Lists feature… it’d be cool if the account had a list of all us on it.

Any way… for now, if you just wanna post your twitter account here, that’s cool! and we can start getting more real-time updates of what’s going on in our community.

mine here

mine here

me =

ps: very soon we’ll bring up the openframeworks twitter and make this list… we’ve all been tracking #openframeworks and (even theo, who doesn’t touch twitter!)

Good for you Theo, glad to hear I’m not the only person *not* on twitter these days :slight_smile:

If you tweet, wouldn’t that logically make you a twit? :stuck_out_tongue:

mine be

I am on it as well… /jonbro


But I wouldn’t encourage anyone to follow me!

hardly ever post though

I am
It’s often life meltdown stuff and walking about ruminations but likely to be more oF as the next 12 months unfold :smiley:

my twitter is stevevarga , my posts range from openframeworks/interactive art/code to me complaining about everything :slight_smile:

not much here though. I mostly got an account to play around with the API. Now to build little twittering arduino bots around the house.

its basically all about programming in OF and little processing aswell as a lot of realtime stuff and a rendering engine I am currently working on. Also some multitouch related things.-

i’ll post the final part of my AR solution for architectural visualization.

if all goes well, it will be used to Present and Manage a Portuguese Marina and a Race Circuit.

The 3D engine is allmost ready, just have to finish the Terrain Using GPU-Based Geometry Clipmaps (based on…-ter02.html )

Currently i’m doing a App for simplify he process of creating harr cascades.

i’m following u all, and OF :wink:

Chears CC