openFrameworks tutorial series

episode 049 - interact lines kinect

episode 050 - box2d kinect interactive

episode 051 - polyline difference interactive

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episode 052 - ofShader chroma key

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episode 053 - ofxCv blur effects

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episode 054 - ofxDelaunay


episode 055 - ofLight

episode 056 - ofxPostProcessing

episode 057 - ofxSequencer


episode 058 - ofxMidi

episode 059 - ofxHapPlayer

episode 060 - constellation control

to say thank you to all that have been watching & enjoying the series so far.
its really lovely to read messages from people & even ones who are going to use the content for teaching in classes. its fascinating & humbling to think that its being used in that way.

please do bear in mind that I am a single person doing all the work for this series [& other series]. from recording, editing, designing, research & even the music. its all me.
so if you ever want to help out in any way, please consider becoming a Patreon backer. it really helps in a grand way & supports not only future work & being able to do better things, but even myself. backers get episodes [sometimes months] before they are released & with source code.
if not, you can donate or even purchase one of many things that I have made on my website.

sharing videos is also really great as well. more eyes, the more people get to watch my content.

but the support is welcomed & helps in such a great way

thank you & happy cöding

lewis lepton

I don’t really want to ask. but I need to market myself a bit more than I do. I’m an introvert & I personally just want to code & make things & not ask for anything. but to get work & continue to do so, you gotta market yourself :wink:

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episode 061 - mosaic circles

episode 062 - polygon shapes

episode 063 - visual studio code

episode 064 - fun with triangles

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episode 065 - color dropper

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episode 066 - color tracking

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episode 067 - mesh noise