openframeworks template for xcode

Inspired by Roxlu’s brilliant


First, thanks for this template!

I am trying to use the iphone template on Xcode,

Some folder on the left column of Xcode are in red color so I need to import again the openframework lib and addon…

I can’t launch the app because I have a lot of error linked to the glut library.

So I don’t know realy if I use it correcly:

  • Install Iphone SDK 2.2

  • Create a new project with the iphone template

  • Save it on the App folder of of_preRelease_v0.06_iphone

-install by drag and drop the openframework folder and addon folder on the left column of Xcode.


hey, you shouldn’t have any red folders in the left when you create the project, and you shouldn’t have to re-add openframeworks or any addons. It sounds like you are creating the project in the wrong folder. You need to create the project in a subfolder of the apps folder of of_preRelease_v0.06_iphone.

e.g. of_preRelease_v0.06_iphone/apps/My Projects

so in the end you have:
of_preRelease_v0.06_iphone/apps/My Projects/My iPhone App/MyiPhone App.xcodeproj

hope that helps

Thanks it better!! :smiley:

There is just one error still here!!

it’s about ofxiPhoneAlerts.cpp, the file is not in the directory of ofxIphone,
I have launch a research on all my disk, but there is noting about a ofxiPhoneAlerts.cpp.

the error from Xcode:

…/…/addons/ofxiPhone/src/ofxiPhoneAlerts.cpp: No such file or directory


The file was there:

ah yea sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue: you’ll need the latest version of ofxiPhone from the SVN


Are the ofxiPhone files you mention offline or am I missing something? It says “This project currently has no downloads.”

edit: sorry, found them

Hi Memo
I used a SVN client to get the files from the googlecode site, and all seems well, but I get the one error when I compile, xcode says:
ofxiPhoneAlerts$non_lazy_ptr in iPhoneAppDelegate.o
symbol(s) not found

I was trying to compile and run the examples in the apps folder.
Was I doing something wrong? Maybe I added the SVN folder in wrong but it was a straight like for like swap in the structure,

great, thanks for this.
i can finally change the name of my applications :stuck_out_tongue: