openFrameworks Team

Hi, I have a question about the openFrameworks team :smile:

I know the names behind the oF project, and a few top collaborators. But I always have the question about how you guys how you can find the needed time to develop this project?

openFrameworks is a big project and it needs a big team work. We are all working profesionally, and we know it is hard to find a seperate time to develop such a big seperate project in the professional life. Even writing a simple tutorial takes a long time. And you not only writing the code, but you are also active in the forum, mailing list, github, website, etc… You can even prepare a book :smile: Then you can even participate to the meetings and workshops :smile: I really wonder sometime how you can find this free time for this project. Is openFrameworks a backed pro project or just a big enthusiasm?


openFrameworks runs 100% on enthusiasm.

Some people have day jobs where using OF is part of their job, so they have opportunities to build addons for work and share them with the community. Or maybe they are teaching OF in school or for a workshop, and they are sharing the tutorials or documentation that they prepare for that class. There are even a bunch of people who don’t have regular jobs, but do a lot of freelance work, and find that by contributing to OF they get the exposure they need to find more work.

The OF community is just starting to explore how to negotiate with companies using OF regularly, to find creative ways of giving their employees more time to contribute to OF. We’re also interested in finding public and private funding for individual contributors to spend more time on OF. But we’re just getting started with these ideas.