Openframeworks Server and Frontend

Hello, i am developing my project which is supposed to receive some audio files from mobile phones and play them, and display some information if requested.

My teacher suggested that i used openframeworks, and so my question is, can I create a server with open frameworks to receive or stream these files? and if so can I use the graphic capabilties to create a front-end application?

Please give me some lights and insight on the right direction,

Thank you

This is interesting. A couple of months ago I was kind of daydreaming about what it would take to make openFrameworks Server Version. It would render out a bunch of frames, or maybe even stream H264 video that could then viewed in an HTML5 context. I think the biggest hurdle would be replacing OpenGL since most server machines don’t have a GPU. (although it sounds like you only need audio, so you might just want to strip it out completely)

I looked at some software-based OpenGL implementations. I think Mesa fits the bill. I was going to make it just an install script. Something that would download and install all of the prereqs, like the Ubuntu install scripts in the regular OF.

Anyone know what other issues there would be?

you can try using ofxHttpServer which is a http server addon that can be used in any OF app to serve files or receive files through post or get:

you could use that in your server application to get the audio files from the phones and play them. to send the files you can use ofxHttpUtils which allows to send data using post (also get but for long files you want to use post) to an http server:

So if I get correctly, you are saying I should use ofxHttpServer in order to receive and play the audio files. And use ofxHttpUtils if i want to send audio files back to the mobile phones (which are Android OS). Another question, i have been messing with the audio player as well, can one integrate api or grooveshark api in order to retrieve album art for example and display it on the player?

THank you

yes if you want to send files back and forth from the phones to the computer then you’ll probably need a server (ofxHttpServer) and a client (ofxHttpUtils) in both of them. unless the audio that you send back to the phone is a response to a request in which case a server in the computer and a client in the phone will do.

to get images from lastfm or similar you’ll need to use their apis which could probably be implemented using ofxHttpUtils