openFrameworks rendering display only a white image of a 3D model

I have a problem with openFrameworks. Some 3D models are displayed correctly but basic 3D models like a chair with no texture is painted in white with no shadows. Drawing only the wireframe of the model is ok. Here is a picture of the result I am getting:

The chair model comes from Sketchup warehouse and has been converted to dae. The model is displayed correctly within Xcode and the Finder.

I am not an expert in openFrameworks and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Me too I have this problem on the no textured models. I solve it by assigning simple 8x8 textures to these objects. The simple textures are in full material color.

Thanks Rancs.

I have put texture in the model and I can see them now but shading are not rendered. The model is looking flat. Any other hints ?

did you add a light to the scene?