Openframeworks Release 0.9?

Hi all,

someone can tell me if openFrameworks 0.9 has a release date?


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i don’t think there is a fixed release date.
according to milestones, 0.9 was due 18 days ago but is not ready yet

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the nightly builds have all the functionality that 0.9 will have, we are fixing windows right now since we updated most libraries and need to recompile everything for windows but if you are in any other platform, the current nightly builds are mostly what the definitive 0.9 will be.

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The current nightly is failing for me because of some little changes in ofFPSCounter. Easily fixed by getting the latest .h and .cpp from git but would be nice if a new nightly build could be started (guessing this build automated anyways?). The current one is pretty far behind.
Not sure how to strip the git version myself from the other platforms.

yes there was a problem and the server wasn’t generating them properly, it’s fixed now and the latest version is now from yesterday

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Where is the iOS version here?

yeah there’s a problem with the style and it’s hiding the ios and android versions, i’m going to fix it but meanwhile the link for ios is:

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Thanks for the info gentlemen, wondering why I want to release some addons that use some features of 0.9 as bufferObject, and perhaps better to wait…

good day!!

Hi @arturo. I downloaded iOS nightly build and I get error trying to build an example project created with (projectGenerator_ios).
My sys:
OS X 10.10.3
Xcode 6.3.2 (6D2105)

just fixed it on github, the nightly of the 7th should work

Hi, @arturo
Sorry, I can’t really find where to download “the nightly of the 7th” on github.
Could you please offer a link to it?


I think you can just grab the last nightly

yeah the nightly failed again on the 7th :confused: should be fixed tonight

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Thank you @arturo!

It works well now. Would it be okay if I submit the app made with 0.9.0 to the App Store?

yeah, no problem

I think the hardware orientation (rotation) doesn’t work properly on iOS devices.

If I set both “HardwareOrientation” and “HardwareOrientationAnimation” in main() to be false, it works without any rotating animation. But if I enable “HardwareOrientation” then rotate the device, the orientation gets messed up.

Any suggestions?

can you open an issue in github?

This should be fixed as of last week. If not, please post an issue, with hardware, iOS etc.