openFrameworks project files for QtCreator (qmake)

Hi there! For all linux users who want to use Qt Creator as an IDE, I’m sharing project files for qmake. Just include it in your project and you’re ready to compile OF apps!

I hope someone will find them useful!


Nice, very nice!
I am a big fan of qcreator! Great IDE, nice features, cross platform (I’m working under linux and osx).
Normally I import the openframeworks application (es: emptyExample) as a Makefile-project (so that I can use the standard OF addons.make and config.make files).
See how to import a standard Makefile-project here.
(I aways worked with cmake and makefile project so I’ve never got deep into qmake build system)

For the file navigation of the OF files (es: ofImage.h or ofImage.cpp) with the “Follow symbol under cursor” (F2) qtcreator feature you just have to copy all the openframeworks and libraries paths in the projectName.includes (one of the file generated by qtcreator when you choose to open a makefile project named projectName).
It is easy to have a complete list of the path, just a simple find call from the shell inside OF_PATH/libs

I didn’t spend a lot of time in using c++11 anyway!

How is done the addons handling with qmake?

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Yea, makefiles and cmake seems to what most people stick with these days. I started to use qmake just because I don’t want to deal with someones makefiles, cmake seems hard to learn, maybe it’s just me but selling you a book on a tutorial page for 60 bucks and read 600 pages to fully understand it is kinda crazy, I wish there be a site like where you could learn a ten or so variables to start compiling stuff like qmake does.

Addons are handled by prigen project file generator for qmake, just by dropping a folder with addon into prigen window it will generate .pri file which you can include in a project and start using it immediately. I tried that already with Satoru Higa’s addons (which are neat) and it works.

Yes I totally agree, cmake is a hell !!

Samdraz have the main branch now, fork his repo if you want to keep it for yourself.
I removed my repo since I use my own OF distribution on a daily basis now.

Hi,guys! I tried tried to compile OF with Qt creator but it gives me the error:
No rule to make target /media/casa/Arquivos/Programming/of_v0.8.1_linux64_release/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworks/math/ofQuaternion.cpp', needed byofQuaternion.o’.  Stop.

The path is wrong, rename of_v0.8.1_linux64_release to openFrameworks, it should look like: /media/casa/Arquivos/Programming/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworks/math/ofQuaternion.cpp

Thanks for the help, now I was able to compile version 0.8, although with some issues.Version 0.8.1 doesn’t compile yet. But how do I do to add OF to my project? If I create a new Qt project, what sould I do to add it? I read the insctructions but didn’t figure out how to do.

As readme says, openFrameworks.pri includes openFrameworks. Create a new Qmake project and add this line to its *.pro file:


Where /path/to/ is a path to folder which contains openFrameworks folder with source code and openFrameworks.pri include file from git repo.

The project is working now! I compiled OF with the script and copied the source files from a codeblocks generated project. It runs, the only bad thing is that the opengl window overrides the Qt gui window.

After experimenting with qmake, i ended up sticking with @nkint solution( using generic project) and OF makefiles. Can someone tell what is use of .config in generic qtcreator projects?

HI, I’m new to open frameworks! I know you’ve already sent an example of the qmake file but could you send the entire folder so I can see how everything is linked up?

I’m getting an error that says ofQuaternion.o Error 1

hi @procedural
Thanks for sharing useful files.
I’ve built a project by qt but I’m gonna use some of the OF Addons.
How can I add them to my Qt project? ( For example “ofxTimeline”. )

Sorry for the delay in replying, usually you can include addons into your project by listing all the .cpp files and including all the directories of the addon. I made this little app called PriGen back then to simplify this process, just drag and drop the folder with an addon and it should create include file for your Qmake project. By the way, I really recommend to switch to CMake, not because it’s better than Qmake (in fact, it’s little uglier and starts to be usable only with GUI), but because it can generate Ninja projects which are blazingly fast at compiling big amount of source files.

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Thanks @procedural
I added some paths to the pri file that you’ve shared and all the necessary cpp and h files to my project. The project compiled without any errors but i guess it takes a while to compile and i guess it’s ok! I wish there was a way that i wouldn’t add all the header and cpp files to my pro. I bet that would be tidier. BTW you’re right cMake is much more easier and better :wink:

@mimi_robo You can actually reduce compile time of an addon by pre-compiling it as a library and adding it’s header files to your app project, adding resulted library to the linker

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Hi there,

Is there a way to compile the emptyExample in mac osx?
I always get errors with the arch being compiled against?!??!
I tried to compile 64 and 32 bits but it always complains about something.

Or is there anyone with cmake examples compiled in mac osx?
Bets regards,


can you give an example (emptyExample) with all the configurations for osx?
I’m trying to compile the example but it always gives me erros.
I do you include the frameworks?
Best regards,

Hi there,

I’m realtively new to openFrameworks and I’m NOT a Programmer but mathematician who wants to use Qt Creator with OF, but there are some problems for me.
Would be nice, if anybody could help me. Below you will find, what I was doing, maybe someone can see my mistake(s).

(1) Copied the folder ‘color’

(2) In Qt creator I selected via ‘File/New File or Project…’ the option ‘Import Existing Project’.
-) Project name: ‘color’
-) Location: ‘/home/andreas/Programming/of_v0.8.4_linux64_release/apps/myApps/color’
-) Next Step, File Selection: Only src is marked, then ‘Next >’ and ‘Finish’.

(3) First Compilation (Build) gives me no errors and produces ‘color_debug’ as a executable with appr. 14Mb in ‘/home/andreas/Programming/of_v0.8.4_linux64_release/apps/myApps/color/bin’

(4) Adding the following Code in main.cpp:
-) #include “ofAppGlutWindow.h”
-) ofAppGlutWindow window;
-) ofSetupOpenGL(&window, 1024,768, OF_WINDOW);
This results in an executable application which can be started via Qt Creator clicking ‘Run’

Now my Questions:
i) How can I get ‘File Navigation’ like pressing ‘Ctrl’ and klicking with the Mouse on some Code?
ii) How can I get ‘AutoComplete’? There is no such thing on my machine :frowning:

(5) If I put the ‘openFrameworks.pri’ and ‘’ into ‘/home/andreas/Programming/of_v0.8.4_linux64_release/apps/myApps/color’ this doesn’t change anything…
add the lines in < project_name>.files < project_name>.includes to get auto completion working