openFrameworks preRelease 0.02!

New Release: pre-release, 0.02

We are pleased to announce our next pre-release version, 0.02. You can find it here:

There are some pretty major changes, based on the feedback we got from you from 0.01. A quick list is here:

– 0,0 is now in the top left
– serial support has been added (along with an arduino example)
– fmod has been added, for higher level sound support
– videoInput library has been added for directshow video grabbing on windows
– xcode libs are all now universal
– xcode can now build a universal OF app

In addition, we’ve tried to implement many of your requests, such as ofSetFrameRate() and ofSetVerticalSync() as well as fix many bugs. The full list of changes is here:

In addition, we’ve been working hard on the start for documentation, you can see our first efforts here:

Finally, we have started a system called “addons” to support additional libraries outside of the core OF codebase. Our first addon is opencv, since this was a very strong request in the discussion forum. We’re in the process of building it, but you should be able to download the addon, follow the steps and compile a version of OF that adds this additional library. Our goal is to try to keep OF small and clean, while allowing the addition of other libraries and approaches:

you can see a screenshot of the opencv addon app in action here:

If you have ideas for addons, or would like to contribute one, please let us know!

As always, this is a huge work in progress, and we really value your feedback. There might be some hiccups in this release, so if something doesn’t work, or you have questions, we would love to hear on the forum.

openFrameworks team:
Zach and Theo

random technical notes


This is a random note, but we thought to include it here since many people on the list are using dev-cpp. We’ve been using dev-cpp alot recently with OF, especially workshops. One thing we’ve noticed is that every once in a while, if you are changing the code and suddenly it the compiled app stops working, you may need to try to “recompile all”. This is especially important now that OF is growing slightly larger. We think this is a bug in dev-cpp not properly compiling changed code that has been previously compiled. We are looking into the problem and possible fixes. For now, try: “recompile all”


Xcode users can now compile universal apps. If you set your project to release, you should be able to compile an app that will run across PPC and intel chips. The compile time is much longer (of course) but it should make it easier to work with, and distribute OF on a mac.

If you ever get a lot of errors in your Xcode project after moving or renaming the directory, try selecting the Build->Clean All command and then try re-compiling the app.

thank you for the new release.

the opencv addon is pure fun and the new serial support makes
me happy to have it!

i have luck this week and have massimo banzi helping
through my basic programming skills at the hyperwerk workshop.

i tried to get a kind of arduino MIDI interface running but failed
by some driver issues and lack of knowledge. arduino and
openframeworks will be fun for sure. I then switched to a realworld
project that interests me. Just about blending a random video after
an event, enough for a beginner like me to sweat, *g*. I post some
of my code here when i see the light after the tunnel.

i appreciate your hard work and have to admit that is really fun to
work (when i am not stuck with n00b errors i place myself, hehe).

looking forward to the next progression,