openFrameworks PCL Addons

I’m working with Agisoft Photoscan recently and I want to import the point cloud to OF. I’ve seen that there are a lot of PCL addons out there, although a lot of them are not up to date. Can someone suggest me a good one? I’m on Linux

@underdoeg, @marc-antimodular, your addons look the most recent ones,, did you used them recently/would you suggest them?

mine should probably still work (And I am on linux too). But I haven’t used it for some time. I tend to use pcl directly for more flexibility now.

Ok, I will give it a try and let you know.

Hey i know this thread is old, but I was never able to get PCL working W openframeworks, I was able to get PCL running on an AWS Linux instance, but ultimately abandoned it because for my needs i didnt want to convert all my colored point clouds to their format and then convert them all back. I have since been working with ply files point clouds in OF and just drawing the vertices.
If you have any basic questions on how to get PCL running, let me know!