openFrameworks / pcDuino MFB Update

I am in the process of updating openFrameworks for pcDuino using the Mali frame buffer. I have setup a new repository based on the latest openFrameworks release and have applied the pcDuino Mali frame buffer changes from last spring.

More information about this can be found at:


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Hey @digitalhack any updates on this? Have you run into any major roadblocks or is working well at this point?

@bakercp, it is working. I am still working on the how well part. I have tested it under ubuntu and many of the examples worked. I am now testing it under arch linux. In both cases the challenge is getting the dependencies setup in a way that doesn’t overwrite the mali framebuffer drivers. Would greatly appreciate any testing / input.

Can you point me to your best instructions for bringing it up :smile:

I’ll probably try it later this evening.

Hey, I tried to get the drivers installed via this tutorial but did not find success getting them installed. I had the same problem as the last commenters. Do you have any tips?

Does it have anything to do with the turbo-vs-sunxi naming?

The tutorial you list appears to be for setting up X for mali. I was looking for a setup that didn’t require X and just used the framebuffer directly.

Try the instructions for installing listed below.

Oh, great. I’ll try it out.

I worked up some new installation instructions today. They are posted at:

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Will try this tomorrow. Thanks!

Did you ever get a chance to try this?