Openframeworks path is not correct - visual studio 2017

I see someone else asked this before but it doesn’t have an answer besides to suggest finding the projectgenerator executable and trying that but I am not finding it. any ideas of what I could do? I installed visual studio and openframeworks using the setup guide.

The projectGenerator comes with the OpenFrameWorks zip file you should have downloaded. Once unziped you should have a projectGenerator-vs folder that contains the projectGenerator.exe file.

I have the same question and I do ask myself why no one is willing to answer the question…
I would like to understand how to set the correct path - is it that complicated??
I’m on Windows 10 64 and I just tried to install OF for Visual Studio 2017.
The documentation leaves out obvious steps like downloading
openFrameworks for visual studio (2017)
and where to put this folder?! Or if I need to run scripts??
Or if it would be wise to set a system path to which folder??

Maybe I’m overcomplicating things, but I would be so happy if I could finally understand how to resolve this issue

Thank you

it leaves out obvious steps because it is, as you said, obvious, but if you want to add it feel free to submit a PR or issue on the ofSite repo

you can put openframeworks anywhere on your hard drive. I am not sure I follow your other questions.

I ask myself - do I have to add the of-folder to my system path so visual studio can find the files?
and - do i have to execute scripts in the scripts folder?

As soon as I’m confident I understand how things work I will submit a PR :slight_smile:

You do not need to add OF to your system path and you do not need to run scripts. All paths in OF project files are relative.

Thank you for your help!
I just found out what misled me all the time ist the folder:
I did try to create my projects in the myApps folder and that gives me the “The openFrameworks path is not correct” - error.

I think I’m ready to go!

Thank you!!