OpenFrameWorks, OSC, needed.

Okay I am a student in Denmark who is trying to create a program, where I get input from a webcam, and translate it into motion in animata(a small but nice program).

But I am having difficulties with OSC and openFrameWorks. I have downloaded the Fat version for codeblocks (using windows).
But the examples in the ofxOsc (under the addons folder) folder. Seems to be completly identical OscReceiveExample / OscSendExample.
I have been trying to implement them into the EmptyExample project. But the compiler keeps saying “ofxOsc.h no such file or directory.”

I have tried to manually add them in the linker, but to no avail. Can
someone please help me, and if possible link to a tutorial about OFW and OSC ?

did you follow this when adding the ofxOsc addon?…-ing-addons

this is crap advice but i normally work in xcode and had to use codeblocks quite a while back - i ended up starting with an osc example instead of the empty example as i had trouble getting it to link (but no trouble with other addons)

Sweet, thanks Nay.

It seems that the linking issue is gone, since it no longer says
that it cant find ofxOsc.h

but it keeps saying that
“error ‘ofxOscReceiver’ does not name a type”
what does that mean ?

		ofxOscReceiver receiver;  
		int				current_msg_string;  
		std::string		msg_strings[NUM_MSG_STRINGS];  
		float			timers[NUM_MSG_STRINGS];  
		int				mouseX, mouseY;  
		char			mouseButtonState[128];  

As a side note, the tutorial shows the “little blue folder” but I can get it in like that, it adds the whole path aswell.[

hmm. that could still be a linking issue as it seems like it’s not finding the ofxOscReceiver class contained in ofxOscReceiver.h . The project should include the folders ‘libs’ and ‘src’ inside ‘ofxOSC’

I don’t have a codeblocks install anywhere anymore to look into this - but surely someone else does–there is a forum just for it here:

* maybe this thread should be moved?

Now I #included the ofxOscReceiver.h manually

and it doesnt say “does not name a type”

but it instead says alot of

greetings denmark !

I have been trying to implement them into the EmptyExample project. But the compiler keeps saying “ofxOsc.h no such file or directory.”

the easiest is to duplicate on of the OSC examples ( not the empty example) and replace the source code with the right one. all of the addon examples have modified cbproj files that tell codeblock what to include and link against, etc. The osc examples have been modificed to get osc to work. the problem you are having now is linking (the last step in the compile process) and since the empty example does include the osc pack lib in it, it can’t do the linking.

since you have the empty example, you need to add the correct library to the linker (build options -> all release -> linker settings) . compare the osc example and this modified empty example and you’ll see what’s missing…

take care!