openFrameworks on SteamOS

Just writing to say that I’ve successfully gotten OF to work on SteamOS. Not sure if anyone else has tried this so I thought I’d mention it.

The current SteamOS beta (2.118) doesn’t have an updated libgles1-mesa, so the debian script failed. By removing that package (I think it’s only required for raspberry pi and other single board computers) I was then able to do a proper install of all the required packages.

I do have the debian repos which I added through the SteamOS tools:

There’s also a bug in the 0.9.8 linux64 downloadable zip. The debian script has the following code in the OF dependencies section:

if [ $exit_code != -1 ]; then

should be

if [ $exit_code != 0 ]; then

Once this is fixed, everything installs properly. QtCreator works too, as does the project generator.

SteamOS is an interesting target because it has recent kernels and the latest GFX drivers, but is also stable and doesn’t update frequently. You can also easily boot straight to the desktop or another user and bypass Big Picture Mode. I’m thinking of trying it in future installations.