Openframeworks on linux

Hello people!

I’ve been trying to set up OF in sublime text on Debian, and i cant find a proper tutorial to make it work, so i kinda gave up on building on sublime since i can use projectGenerator+make. But i still have no success with the autocompletion, which in my opinion is a must, otherwise everything becomes very tedious.

The questions are:
1-do you know an linux-specific OF community?
2-do you have a way to make the autocompletion work in sublime for openframeworks in linux?

thanks in advance!

have you tried qtcreator? it has a really good auto completion and it’s officially supported. sublime can work through makefiles but getting auto completeion to work can be tricky and as far as i’ve tested it doesn’t even really work very well.

thanks for answearing!
Im trying right now, but i dont know how to launch qt-creator after the web install on mi home dir :S…anyways…

how do i enable the autocompletion for OF, it should work right away, or there is something i have to configure?