Openframeworks offline documentation for download

greetings all,

since there is no offline documentation available on the openframeworks website, which can be hugely useful at times. ive taken it into my own hands to bring you such a thing.
there are four flavours to choose from: ibook, epub, pdf and html.

these are currently not on the openframeworks website just yet. but are available from my own one. you will find them in the downloads section. do as you wish and have fun with them.
i am keeping up to date with them also, so there will be updates every now and again when new versions and features come out, plus any other information i feel is relevant. so keep posted on this forum for updates of whats new etc.

ibook download
pdf download
epub download
html download

if there is anything that you think will be useful for future versions/editions, please do PM me, then i can make a list of what needs to be done and post updates as and when they happen.

enjoy and keep it easy

lewis lepton

im no longer able to keep this updated, my computer is just not up too it anymore. but will keep these download links up. these go right to the link, not the page where they were hosted. im replacing what was on for something else as im not able to do openframeworks just now


Nice work! This is appreciated, people wanted offline docs in the past. :slight_smile:

Nice work @smokingbunny !
I can make the pdf & epub version of documentation based on your html doc. I’ll post the download link within these two days.

hi, @smokingbunny this is very useful! but will be fine the epub version ( it will be smaller i think)
Thank you

Hi @smokingbunny, thanks for compiling an offline version of the documentation - I have a very slooow connection here and browsing the online documentation was painful. Also since it is nearly Christmas, I will be greedy, and ask for the epub version too. cheers.

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With Jutoh you can import .html and the convert it to .epub, but i don’t know how it convert. Just i start to use it because i plan to convert my thesis in .epub format. another software is Calibre:

let me know if this help you!

Thank you for the offline documentation. I needed it.

Hey, the epub version works very well! thank you!

@smokingbunny i will try also on my new e-reader!

Great ! Thanks a lot, needed it !

Cool website! I like it!

Hey smokingbunny,

The pdf version of the offline documentation is very useful. Thank you. The only problem of the pdf version is, that there is not a clickable context page in the beginning and finding something is a little difficult. Just a feedback.

Beautiful website, good offline documentation. Congrats.

could you edit your original post with all the pertinent info and links? I’ll make this topic sticky.

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please excuse. my website has just ‘gone’, taking with it wordpress and everything else. ive contacted the server people who host my site, so should be up soon.

please excuse this more an annoying thing. not been my day, what with a HD failure that made me reinstall the OS. lost so much work

phew its all back. thank fuck for that. sweating buckets :wink:

alright peeps,
updated the ibook and pdf versions. on version 1.0.1. should say in the top right on first page.
epub will follow in the next day

sadly cant get the clickable chapters for pdf just yet, but will work at it

Thanks a lot!

If anyone uses Dash there is a docset available here

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The links point to Page not found. Seems the files are removed?