openFrameworks.lib on GitHub


I jus grabbed oF from GitHub, but I can’t compile anything.

On every project appears the error:

mingw32-g++.exe: …/…/…/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/lib/win_cb/openFrameworks.lib: No such file or directory

I tried using the lib from oF 0062, but just got a lot of errors.

What lib can I use? I’m on Windows 7 with codeblocks. Thanks.


please compile
both release and debug first in CB

Thank you

I am trying to build that, but get an error:

currentWndProc = (WNDPROC)GetWindowLongPtr(handle, GWL_WNDPROC);

on line 177 in appGlutWindow.cpp

any suggestions?

(win 7 as well, and the function is called fixCloseWindowOnWin32 … )

jarno are you using the mingw that ships with codeblocks? As I see here:

you are using mingw as a separate download. Can you try the codeblocks w/ mingw download. I suspect any problems you have might be based on different version of mingw, and we’ve tested with the mingw that codeblocks ships with. There’s some info about the setup here:

take care,

Thank you Zach.

I de-installed my old C::B (wich was also a ‘with-mingw’ installation) and re-installed C::B with mingw using the download from the C::B site.
After doing that it compiled fine indeed though it still seems kind of weird to me since the OF 0062 was compiling fine on my previous C::B installation and that was for as far as I can remember the same installation as I used last time installing C::B.

Might C::B have updated their MinGW in their download but not update C::B so it still ‘looks like’ the same download?

anyway, it works!