Openframeworks job for a London Science Centre

Hi everyone,

We have an Openframeworks job we need help with. We have created an interactive floor for a London Science Centre

There are four games. One game needs rebuilding to make it easier to use.

The game is a basic targeting game. There are 8 hotspots on the floor – when you stand on a hotspot a magnifying glass will move over to that hotspot and show a video of a magnified creature. We have written the interaction logic so hopefully it should just be a case of dipping into the code and making the changes.

We are looking to get this out the door next week so hopefully you’ve got a free slot in your schedule! If not could you recommend anyone?

Please send an email to if this tickles your fancy.

Ideally you’ll be London based as it would be good for you to go and see the current build of the software on-site.

Thanks for reading :o)

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the offers of help. I’m happy to say that we’ve found someone to take on this work now.

If we have any more opportunities for OF developers in the future, we’ll be sure to post.

All the best,