Openframeworks ios step sequence

With yours help, I created the openframeworks IOS step sequence and got it to work on my iPhone!

But I want to display the screen both on my Iphone and my macbook wirelessly by openframeworks.

or, does anyone knows about connecting this step sequence(in my Iphone) and madmapper’s connect?

If you have any idea or advise, plz!!

what does this grid do?
Use OSC to send whatever you want wirelessly.
madmapper handles osc, and actually you can controll almost any of its parameters through osc

On the other hand you can use osc to send the interactions that your ios app is using, like touches or sensor info to another ofApp running on your computer (which could be the same one as the IOS one but instead of sending OSC it reacts to it) then use ofxSyphon to send whatever this app renders to madmapper.

hope this helps.

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draw the letters in steps.

thanks for your help!

Can I use ofxSyphon in Openframeworks IOS version?

I have to say that your answers is super criptic, for which I can’t help.

No, you cant use syphon on IOS. There are some solutions for using syphon over TCP (network) but I cant remember if these are for openFrameworks or not. Check