Openframeworks in the Venice Biennale


We just completed a fairly large scale interactive installation using primarily openframeworks.

You can learn more here…

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Some of my lessons learned…
* We controlled some external video controllers by passing telnet commands to the terminal in osx. That saved us from some complex serial communication work.
* We used firewire cameras and the extenders were underpowered so we had to get new ones once we got to the site. I think I am going to switch back to analog cameras to avoid the hassle next time.
* Venice in the summer is quite warm :wink:

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This looks like a wonderful environment! In the test video, something happens at 4:50 I don’t understand – it seems like the spirit of the installation significantly changes at that point. Was this triggered manually, or by some event I’m missing?

wow, very pretty pretty… good stuff!!

Basically it samples frames from the films and applies them as textures, but at timed intervals it switches to looking at the pixels of a particular film and fills the screen. I am still assembling footage of the piece as installed, but the dynamic sound helps make this transition make sense.

I posted some more footage and pictures of the installation on my website here:

i think it gives a good overview of what the space and interaction of the piece was like.

sorry if the video loads slowly, my webserver is weird at some hours

well designed!