openframeworks in the browser

Hello everyone,
I’m new to the forums and somewhat new to openframeworks (about 6 months). What i’m interested in is putting together some way to run openframeworks code in a web browser. Being able to host openframeworks projects online run them from a website in my mind opens up thousands of possibilities for projects where you can involve many people or reach a wider audience or both! (imagine swapping faces with someone on the other side of the world via your webcams)
This is a large feat and I believe there are a few ways we could go about making this happen. I was first wondering if anyone was already working on a way to do this. I think I maybe saw something about doing it with python.
Secondly I hope we could use this topic to throw around some ideas. There are a few different things I’ve thought of and I’d love some community input.
A few things I’ve considered are these.

  1. The Google web toolkit looks like it’s pretty powerful. I wonder if with Java bindings we could get openframeworks code to run in the browser. I’m not sure how far along the WebGL libraries are but my guess is that most of what openframeworks uses openGL for is supported.
  2. Another option is just to run code in a Java applet. Has anyone tried this?
  3. HTML5 seems very powerful, perhaps openframeworks code could be translated?

It’s just an idea I’ve been toying with in my head for a month or two but I’m interested in working on it. I’d like to hear what you guys feel about this and any other ideas / directions you can think of that I’ve yet to learn about.


nobody else huh?

Have you tried Processing? It can be deployed on an Applet.

Steveo, did you do any advance in what you were trying to achieve?

Is there really no way of doing this in OF?

Beatriz :mrgreen:

the only solution i can imagine to do this will be:

which is kind of hard to setup so it wouldn’t be something that anyone could use in their browsers even if you manage to make it work

As much as I like OpenFrameworks, I really think Processing is the best thing to use here (and OF in many ways was based on it, so it is quite similar). Sites like OpenProcessing have made good use of its ability to be deployed on the web, and in addition to that there is Processing.js which can run this as JavaScript.