openFrameworks for WebGL

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. I love how oF enables quick experimentation. I do a lot of work for the web though and have been working with WebGL quite a bit through the use of Three.js mainly. As powerful as it is it is by design much less prone to spontaneity and experimentation. Being oF already based on OpenGL how difficult would be to create a JavaScript version?

you can already compile OF to run on the web if you are on osx or linux. you need to first install emscripten and then from your project folder in a console run

emmake make
emmake run

and you’ll get your application running on the browser

you can find more details on the setup guides:

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I’m aware of transpiling through emscripten. My experience has been mixed though. Many OpenGL directives don’t seem to cater WebGL so well and if a single module doesn’t find a Web compatible API the entire program will refuse from playing. It’s just an idea, but seeing the growth Processing observed once it took off on the web with P5, seems like transition to JS pays off in the end.