openFrameworks for UDOO Udoobuntu - Working Recipe

@jvcleave and @batchku I just got it all working on UDOO with the following magic potion:

  1. Install Udoobuntu v1.0 (
  2. Install oF armv7l 0.8.3 (here).
  3. Get the Udoo platform variant makefile and dependencies list here and follow the instructions:

Performance-wise, it’s not spectacular. I see 10-20 FPS on the 3D primitives example. That is graphics accelerated. While theoretically it is 4x Raspberry pi, we are still only using 1 core for these examples … that said, it is still significantly slower than I expected. It certainly compiles much much faster with the -j4 option.


Awesome that you got it working, though I suppose this helps demonstrate the maturity and capability of the Raspberry Pi GPU as the example doesn’t sound CPU bound.

I’m wondering if full OpenGL does any better

The i.MX 6 only supports ES 2 though no?

Nice work Chris.

This is consistent with performance i was getting in my attempt, i.e. about 15fps for the 3d primitives example.
Rather disappointing, seeing that the same examples run at ~60fps on the RP…

might be like the Tegra and do both

Yeah, we should try it.

Tried it - 3DPrimitivesExample currently locks up the device with glitch art (graphicExample runs ok tho)