openFrameworks for sunxi


I have updated my openFrameworks development branch for sunxi. I have been using a pcDuino for development but it should work with any of the sunxi boards. It uses the mali framebuffer so you don’t have to be running X-windows.

It is on Github at: with installation instructions at:

If you try it and run into problems open an issue on Github or post a reply here and I will see what I can do.



Thanks (again) for this. It might be a good idea to add a note regarding the keyboard/mouse issue to the blogpost:

Does ofxOpenCV work for you? I cannot get /examples/addons/opencvExample to link. Even though libm is linked ( -lm ), I get undefined reference errors on ___exp_finite, __log_finite, etc. I even checked the exported methods of against the same file on a raspberryPi where the same example compiles without issue so it does not seem that is faulty either.

PS: The new repo does not have an issue queue.


I will add a note to the blog post regarding the keyboard/mouse.

The repo now has an issue queue.