Openframeworks for android / windows10 / android studio 2.2.2


I am trying to get openframeworks for Android to work with Android Studio 2.2.2 in Windows 10. I have changed the NDK_ROOT path in paths.make and imported the androidEmptyExample accepting all the prompts but I keep getting the following error:

Error:(63, 0) NDK directory is invalid. Check NDK_ROOT path in paths.make.

I doesn’t matter if I point NDK_ROOT to ndk-bundle inside the android sdk installation, or if I download android-ndk-r10e separately and point NDK_ROOT to it. I keep getting the same error.

I already have openframeworks for qt creator / msys2 working great in my computer so I guess I doesn not have to do with mingw or msys. Any advice on how to get openframeworks for Android working too will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Paulo,

Did you, by any chance, use windows’ default counter-slashes instead of slashes in your path?
(Like “C:\Users…” instead of “C:/Users/…”)

If so, I guess it should solve your problem.

Otherwise good luck!