openFrameworks FlasCC implementation [OF on the web]

Processing has an advantage over openFrameworks. Temporarily…
Since it is Java based you can present your applets on the web.

And here comes the more interesting part.
Since Flash Player 11 there is the Stage3D technology which allows GPU accelerated 3D content to run in the Flash Player. And with Adobe’s new Flash C++ Compiler (FlasCC) you can bring your native C/C++ code to the web browsers.
There’s also an official full OpenGL implementation for Flash, called GLS3D.
So we have everything to port openFrameworks projects to the web. It’s possible.

I have already implemented the keyboard/mouse interactivity and some image i/o features, but anyone who experienced in Flash and wants to help is welcomed.
Just to avoid confusions, we don’t write a line of code in Flash/AS3, everything will be implemented in C++.

If you are interested get in touch wih me.

More info and some resources