openFrameworks FFGL plugin addon.

Hi all,
I just put online an addon to create FreeFrame GL plugins with openFrameworks.

It makes it easy to convert existing openFrameworks apps to a FreeFrame plugin that can work in any FFGL host.
There is an existing openFrameworks FFGL host, see post—ffgl-for-of/1091/18.
Resolume Avenue

here is the addon:

At the moment it includes project files for XCode 3.0 and Visual Studio Express 2008,
We don’t have any experience with Codeblocks and other IDEs so it would be nice if someone helps out with that.

any suggestions are appreciated!

that’s awesome man!! after spending some time with my VJ friend, he was telling me about FreeFrame and I was actually just getting ready to start doing my own R&D on getting it working with OF… but you beat me to it, and that’s awesome! I’m stoked to check this out and start playing with it. Thanks again drand48!

Glad u like it!
Let me know if everithing works properly…

Let me ask a git question…

I have an openFrameworks fork, from the master trunk.
Can I add just your freeframe folders from your fork to mine?

Anyone got this working on Snow Leopard with OF 0.61?
When I run and build the examples, I get a bundle that’s not like the other bundles in the Resolume Avenue vfx folder. Any result is unrecognized.

I have got it working in Snow Leopard with OF 061, compiled with XCode. No problems getting the basic thing compiled and installed. The path I put it in is under: /Applications/Resolume Avenue 3.3.1/plugins/vfx and it shows up under the “Effects” or “Sources” tab on the far right in Resolume.

I am having a problem with textures however. I can’t seem to initiate and use new images or textures in my plugin? When I do, the output monitor just freezes when the plugin is added to the stack (unless I turn the plugin’s opacity to 0). Anyone else had similar problems?

Great job on the add-on by the way :slight_smile: I am super stoked to finally be getting into VJ’ing and writing my own effects! Woot! Woot! (hoot! hoot!)

Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new to open frameworks. I am trying to use the ofxFFGLPLugin, but having trouble compiling the examples in Xcode.

Xcode returns several warnings and errors related to linking. I’m not sure what to do.

It would be great for new developers if somebody would provide a step by step walk through (video maybe?) of how they got it working. Following the directions on the ofxFFGLPlugin site is not working for me.

Thanks in advance for any help anybody might offer.


Hi guys, I need some help.

I spent the weekend playing around with this addon, as well as with ofxfreeframe. I don’t get usable results with either, and i’m slowly tearing my hair out.

tl,dr: does anyone have a working c:b (preferred) or VS 2010 project for compiling ffgl plugins that actually work in ffgl hosts?

using ofxfflgplugin (on windows using oF from around end of september):
I realise that there are no codeblocks project files, so I tried started a c:b project importing the VS08 project. after some fiddling i get compiled versions of, e.g., the effectexample plugin, but if i test the example with either resolume avenue or both of the binaries included in the FF1.5 release, the plugin is not visible/recognized. :frowning: Other precompiled plugins work flawlessly on my system. the Partycle plugin doesn’t work, either.

I did not forget to copy the couple of dll’s that get created in the /bin folder along with the plugin dll to the respective places (avenue root dir, /windows/system32, and the current directory wherever the plugin resides, just to be safe).
After that, thinking that something happened during import, I tried using VS2010 express, to no avail.

any ideas why my plugins don’t get recognized?

edit: if necessary, i can provide a more detailed description of what I did. Right now my head is swimming with the different errors and problems and frustration…