OpenFrameworks error on Banana pi

Im using banana pi M1 with lubuntu, and run install_depenendencies and install_codecs and when i want to build any example of Of it says:

checking pkg-config libraries: cairo zlib gstreamer-app-1.0 gstreamer-1.0 gstreamer-video-1.0 gstreamer-base-1.0 libudev freetype2 fontconfig sndfile openal openssl libpulse-simple alsa gtk±3.0 libmpg123 glesv1_cm glesv2 egl
…/…/…/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/ *** couldn’t find some pkg-config packages, did you run the latest Stop

What version of oF are you using?

As far as I know the Banana Pi is an armv7 architecture, so the standard Raspberry Pi instructions / configs won’t work.

Also, do you get any errors when installing the install_dependencies?

Thats the thing i dont get errors when i do install_dependencies