openFrameworks' durability?


I just want to know:
What about the durability of openFrameworks?
Will it be maintain for a long time?

Thank you.


if you mean: will it still be around in 20 years? well, since it’s open source it won’t ever go away (like Director has more or less gone away). the worst that will happen is that people might stop maintaining it. but the source will always be available, it would just take someone to update the bits that needed updating, then it would be good to go again.

if you mean: will it run for 3 weeks non-stop without crashing? well, that depends on your programming skills :slight_smile:

OF is being maintained actively and used by a big community. So i’m guessing it will be around for a long time. And like Damian says, even if it stops being maintained, since it is opensource it wouldn’t be too hard to update the broken parts and have it working again.