openFrameworks documentation available in Dash for OS X

Hi all,

I’ve added the openFrameworks documentation to Dash, so that you can view and browse it offline. Dash can be opened with a shortcut and is my preferred way to lookup any API documentation.

I’m planning to write and publish a script on github, so that it’ll be easy to automatically upload an updated version of the documentation.

Hope you like it!

I’ve just started with openFrameworks and hope that I can contribute more in the future.



Nice! I got to try if this also works with Zeal, the non-MacOS Dash alternative

Hi @marcusficner, I’m just discovered that Dash does exist. Now, I’m searching about this docs, but I couldn’t get them there.
Could you share the link for us?


Hi @cleliodpaula,

the docs should be available in Dash’s settings > Downloads > User contributed, since they are available in
the github repository for Dash’s user contributions:

Please see the attached screenshot:


Works great! Thanks a lot! Too bad the OF documentation is not as complete as the beginner would want :slight_smile: But hopefully it will grow…