Openframeworks Course Campaign


I am running an indiegogo campaign to create a simple course that focuses on adding vision to your raspberry pi. Please join in if you feel interested. I promise it will be an exciting experience

Also please give me suggestions regarding the contents of the course.

Hasan Ijaz

The campaign has been successfully funded. It will go into Indemand from here on. Once we can achieve the stretch goals on Indiegogo or through Udemy the basic course will become free for ever.

Do join in if you want to Add Vision to your Pi :wink:

Hi, would this course still be applicable for current versions of Pi and OF? Is there anything else you would recommend?



The course is out on udemy. You can see the promo here:

The code is opensource and is hosted here:

And here is a 70% discount coupon for anyone who comes across this post :slightly_smiling: :wink:

You can contact me in the course discussions on udemy.

Hasan Ijaz