openFrameworks Contributors Conference - October 8-12 in Denver

Calling all Contributors! Applications are open for the openFrameworks Contributors Conference! The conference will be hosted by the COSA from October 8-12, 2019. All types of contributors are encouraged to apply and all expenses are covered. More info and application at:

Additionally, the 2019 openFrameworks Contributors Conference seeks your nominations! We need your help finding exceptional new or less visible openFrameworks community members who may not not yet call themselves contributors. We are especially interested in those who will bring new ideas and perspectives to our community. Nominate someone here:

Please note that this is an independently organized event and that the attendee selection process was overseen by a committee of OF community members and did not involve the Core OF team.


This is awesome! thanks for organizing it.
Is the final selection of participants purely based on getting “votes” by getting nominations or are there other factors involved in the selection process?
I ask this because I applied to participate and I am wondering if I should launch a “campaign” to get more nominations. Should I?

good question! No, all the applications will be evaluated by a committee to gather a good balance of different people and perspectives for the event. It is separate from the nominations - we want to use those as a way to reach out to people who should apply and might not otherwise.

good to know then.
And thanks again for making this happen :smiley:

It would be great to plan for easy remote participation. More environment-friendly than flying from other continents. If flying is necessary: :slight_smile:


I sent an application. I’m just curious, if my application is selected, will it really cover travel expenses considering I’m living in India at the moment and it’s rather expensive to fly out to USA…?

When can we expect responses from the applications?

Edit: I also realised that I didn’t get any confirmation email from applying and now I’m wondering if that’s normal or whether I mistyped my email ID :expressionless:

we did get your application. Yes it would cover that flight. We will be responding to all applicants within a week of the close of applications on August 19.



Thanks for response! Looking forward, cheers! :slight_smile:

hey i was also wondering the same things
looking forward

Thanks for hosting another one of these at EDP, Chris. I will be on work trip at that time but will try to participate remotely. I’ll think of some people to pass the invite on to specifically. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone applied to this and received the result?

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We are wrapping up the process and contacting everyone in the next day or two. Thank you for your patience!


Thank you!

@digitalColeman I’m wondering again if replies have been sent out yet? Or only successful candidates have been notified and not everyone? It’s completely understandable if someone is not selected, but some information would be nice :slight_smile:


did anyone actually got a confirmation email ? or something ?

All, our deep apologies for the wait. I have two quick announcements:

  • First, that this is an independently organized event. The call for applications and the selection process were created and reviewed by a steering committee formed by COSA and did not include input from the Core OF Team. The Committee carefully evaluated each application based on the information provided in the form.
  • Second, we deeply apologize for the delay in notifications. We made a mistake in the process and had to put it on hold while things were resolved. Some people have been notified, and others have not. We have also been working hard to gather last-minute funding to invite even more community members to the event. We are trying to finish selections and notifications as quickly as possible and believe that the process will be completed before the end of the weekend. We understand that this might now be too late for some people to participate and we again apologize for the unexpected extension of the process.

Are the public allowed to enter if they live in Denver?

@digitalColeman are there outcomes from the Contributors Conference you can share?
Are there any action items that folks who couldn’t attend can take on?